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BOOK - TTB:Days Without Accident Penny Dreadful

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The Corners is an idyllic part of Malifaux City that combines a bit of everything: higher class politicians from Downtown, factory workers from the Industrial Zone, and ambitious ne’er-do-wells from the NCZ. But trouble brews beneath this workday façade. Joseph Wyatt, president of the local Union chapter, has let his ambitions get the better of him. Trusted agents have gone rogue. After all, they’re doing all of Wyatt’s dirty work - maybe it’s time for a change in leadership, eh?

The Fated are brought in to help rescue an innocent bystander involved in a plot much larger than anyone in Malifaux City could have imagined. What the Fated uncover will test their loyalties, allegiances, and how willing they are to look the other way after getting a bloody nose.

Days Without Accident is a four Act adventure filled with politics and aggression for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. This adventure requires the Core Rules to play.


  • TTB:Days Without Accident Penny

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